Keep calm – just CruzeBy!


Do you want to be a safer driver?

CruzeBy helps you to keep track of your speed as well as speed cameras around you, letting you focus on the actual driving. Any camera that becomes critical will be highlighted, making sure you’re aware of how fast you should be driving.

No surprises on the road!

The CruzeBy radar gives you a clear overview of your surroundings and all nearby speed cameras (courtesy of Cyclops). When you get close to a camera the app will use both colour and sound to let you know if you should slow down or just keep going. You can even keep the app in the background and still be notified about cameras.

Design delights all the way

With CruzeBy you’ll have one of the most good-looking and easy-to-use speed camera apps on the market without having to cut back on either functionality or quality. Of course we know that your inside is at least as important as your outside, but who says you can’t excel in both areas?