NeverLate will help you 24/7 by telling you when to leave home, work or any other place in order to get to your destination in time. Are you used to always being late because of the traffic situation? No more worries – enjoy a stress free driving.NeverLate will alert you based on the traffic situation telling you when to leave to be on time. You can always see the current traffic situation, including comparative traffic and what the drive time is right now on your regular routes.

Traffic dependent alarm

Monitors your routes and notifies you when to leave in order to be on time based on the traffic situation. The alarm will also wake you up earlier if something affects your trip and tell you when to leave and which road to take. There is no need for the application to be running to get the alarms.

Personal alarm settings

Add alarms for your destination both ways or use the dynamic from field which is always updated to your current position.

  • Arrival time
  • Preparation time
  • Alarm type
  • Alarm frequency
  • Route selection


Monitor and browse routes

See the traffic situation for your routes or a chosen map area. Get a quick overview of your routes with the current delay details. NeverLate always provides you with alternative routes. Share delays with your friends. You can also choose to purchase a premium navigator to get easy instructions about how to get to your destination.

Browse traffic

View traffic flows and events on your map. You can always filter which information you want to view. Select e.g. the actual traffic or the traffic compared to a normal day at the current time.

“NeverLate is our latest innovative location based service.”

NeverLate was developed in partnership with MobisleApps creative mobile agency based in Sweden that focuses on building business value through superior user experiences and services.