Appello celebrates – over 20 million unique users


Appello is very proud to announce that over 20 million unique users have used their navigation solution. Appello has had a continuously fantastic acceleration of new users – only in 2012 they have welcomed over 1,3 million new unique users per month.

Appello was one of the first companies to put turn-by-turn navigation into the cloud and deliver an online, updated and truly local mobile navigation experience as opposed to the inflexible navigation systems. This was many years ago and Appello’s goal has not shifted. With their products and services they have the ambition to simplify, encourage and put joy into the lives of mobile people.

“The fact that we are celebrating over 20 million unique users since start shows that we successfully continue to simplify the lives for people on the move” says Marina Davarinou, Head of Marketing at Appello.

For more information, please contact:
Marina Davarinou, Head of Marketing

About Appello:
The only private independent cloud based navigation platform provider.
Present in over 100 markets, with over 27 languages (including Chinese and Arabic).
More than 20 million unique users.
Award winning platform – Guldmobilen.
Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with 45 employees.
Recently made it to the 47th place on fastest growing software company in EMEA, in a study made by Deloitte.
Deployed solutions with some of the largest mobile network operators and mobile handset manufacturers including Samsung, LG Electronics, Sony Ericsson, MTN, T-Mobile, TIM, A1, KPN and TeliaSonera.– reaching over 300 million end users.