Appello launches a new traffic service – NeverLate





The award winning mobile apps provider Appello is launching a new traffic assistant called NeverLate. The app will help you 24/7 by telling you when to leave home, work or any other place in order to get to your destination in time. Appello is building new exciting location based products and services in collaboration with talented partners and innovative customers. A new set of services will emerge from Appello and end up in the devices of mobile users around the world – first up is the new traffic service NeverLate.

NeverLate will alert you with push messages based on the traffic situation telling you when to leave in order to be on time. The app will also provide you with alternative routes to your destination but also compare the present traffic situation to the ”normal” traffic situation. When it just can’t get more fantastic NeverLate also wakes you up earlier if something affects you trip and tells you when to leave and which road to take, just to secure that you won’t be late! Keep tuned more information about the app is available on – the countdown has begun.

For more information about Appellos new portfolio of services and products, please contact Peter Tyreholt, Head of Product Portfolio at

NeverLate was developed in partnership with MobisleApps a creative mobile agency based in Stockholm and Gothenburg that focuses on building business value through superior user experiences and services.