Appello redefines the use of traffic information in mobile navigation with the release of Wisepilot 5.0


With research showing that traffic information features high on the list of consumers “must haves” in their mobile navigation solution, Appello has brought traffic to life in Wisepilot 5.0 like never before. On starting Wisepilot 5.0, the user is brought immediately to a map view with real time animated traffic flow overlaid for convenience. Not only is the traffic flow animated to show the different speed of the traffic in real time, small icons display the average speed of the traffic as well. Smart use of additional clickable icons on the map highlight other important information such as accidents, road works and lane closures. When in navigation mode, the user is immediately made aware of changes to the traffic situation impacting the current route and shown how the route is effected, where and in what way so that decisions to chose one of the offered re-routes can be made intelligently and safely.

The UI has received a major overhaul as well making interacting with Wisepilot 5.0 a much more pleasurable and intuitive experience. Initially the 5.0 release will be available on Google Play, Blackberry App World (BB10 only) and Amazon App Stores. iOS version is coming soon.

Mats Winkler, CEO at Appello says: “We are very excited about the release of this ground braking upgrade of our award winning Wisepilot service. Its rare to see such innovation being brought to such a classic application but we are convinced that our customers and partners will appreciate the effort our designers and engineers have made in redefining the navigation experience.”

For more information please contact:
Dominic Riley, Head of Sales