Appello has launched Wisepilot on Windows Phone Marketplace


Wisepilot an award winning mobile navigation service from Appello expands its platform availability and launches on Windows Phone Marketplace – now even faster, easier and with improved navigation functionality.

Wisepilot for Windows Phone 7 is easier and faster thanks to its unique usability touch. Enjoy the best mix of the award winning Wisepilot application and the Windows Phone Metro design. Wisepilot offers you a premium navigation experience with a great search and discover functionality. Wisepilot for Windows Phone is designed with all the Windows advantages to give the user minimum clicks to complete any action, always updated and always showing your latest position.

“We believe that the Windows Phone platform has a great future ahead and we are very enthusiastic over our Wisepilot release. The platform expansion for Wisepilot is Appello’s natural way of supporting expectations and demands from our users and partners but also an intentional way of expanding our product portfolio as Wisepilot already is offered with great success on the Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, and Google Play” says Peter Tyreholt Head of Product Portfolio at Appello.
For more information about Appello’s product portfolio – please contact:
Peter Tyreholt, Head of Product Portfolio

About Appello:
The only private independent cloud based navigation platform provider.
Present in over 100 markets, with over 27 languages (including Chinese and Arabic).
More than 20 million unique users.
Award winning platform – Guldmobilen.
Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with 40 employees.
Recently made it to the 47th place on fastest growing software company in EMEA, in a study made by Deloitte. Deployed solutions with some of the largest mobile network operators and mobile handset manufacturers including Samsung, Sony Mobile, MTN, T-Mobile, TIM, A1, KPN, Telenor and TeliaSonera – reaching over 300 million end users.