Appello releases a new NeverLate intro on YouTube


Appello has released a new NeverLate intro film on YouTube – showing off NeverLate’s core functionality.

“YouTube is a natural channel for Appello and a great way to show the world how our new traffic service NeverLate works. As you get to know NeverLate, you will see that it is an amazing traffic app that helps you 24/7. The first time NeverLate alarms you, you understand that NeverLate is your new best friend.” said Marina Davarinou, Head of Marketing at Appello.

NeverLate is a new application from the Swedish LBS provider Appello. NeverLate alerts you based on the traffic situation telling you when to leave in order to be in time. NeverLate provides you with the current traffic situation, including comparative traffic and what the drive time is right now on your regular routes. NeverLate also offers dynamic location – no matter where you are, you always get updated drive time based on the traffic situation to your location.

For more information about NeverLate please visit or contact:
Marina Davarinou, Head of Marketing