Wisepilot now with an even faster search


Appello continues to focus on customer feedback – first out this summer are fantastic improvements on Wisepilot´s search time.

After Appello’s latest update Wisepilot gets even faster and more powerful. During 2012 Appello completed several customer surveys which have resulted in great improvements of Wisepilot’s search time. Wisepilot is now empowered with an even faster search showing off the rich search functionality. With Wisepilot’s search you can search for places nearby through different categories e.g. parking and eating but also for businesses and persons. Wisepilot also offers a free text search where the users can find whatever they are looking for quick and easy. Wisepilot is one of Appello’s award winning location based services. With Wisepilot you are offered a premium navigation experience where all the maps and navigation data is stored in the cloud and all the map updates are for free.

“A majority of our users pointed out in our surveys that the search times are of very big importance. As a natural customer care process we have prioritized their needs, we want Wisepilot to outperform their expectations. Our developers have worked really hard – improving the response time with fantastic results” said Peter Tyreholt Head of Product Portfolio.

For more information about the Wisepilot update please contact:

Peter Tyreholt, Head of Product Portfolio E-mail: peter.tyreholt@appello.com