Thanks for a great 2014


2014 has been an interesting and exciting year for Appello. The past 12 months have brought on a lot of changes and challenges, but we think we’ve been able to handle them all in a really good way. Our team is slightly smaller than when we started off and this has made us become closer than ever. Everyone is working across the previous department boundaries and making even more focused efforts to expand and improve our app portfolio.

This year we’ve tried to get even closer to our users by using community edited data in our apps (like OpenStreetMap). We’ve also increased our activity on social media, always asking for feedback and taking everything we get into account in our daily work.

We thank 2014 for all the great experiences and look forward to see what 2015 will bring us!

Here are some highlights from 2014! We have:

* Switched to OpenStreetMap data for Wisepilot, allowing community editing and more frequent map updates

* Switched to Cyclops UK as speed camera provider to be able to cover even more parts of the world

* Expanded our social media sphere and joined the world of Twitter

* Left the old stiff corporate feeling behind and adopted a new tone of voice

* Embraced our four new worlds of value: Talented, Dedicated, Friendly, Reliable

* Introduced free world wide navigation for Wisepilot users and also added a Premium upgrade

* Released our new speed trap app with focus on safe driving, CruzeBy