Questions, comments, concerns? Contact our support.

Notice the little blue tab on the right that says “Support?”. If you need help with either Wisepilot, CruzeBy or NeverLate this is where you should go. Please try to include as many details as possible, because the better we understand your problem, the quicker we can help you out.

If there should be a problem sending messages through the Support tab you can always send us an email to instead. (Telia Navigator users may use this email address for now as well)

NB! If you’re using Wisepilot for Xperia you’ll have to contact Sony’s support center to get your issue sorted out. You’ll reach them here (we advise you to choose the email option rather than phone or chat).


Send an email to if you want to get in touch with our headquarter. Please do NOT use this email address for support issues.

Our visiting address is:
Lilla Bommen 1
411 04 Göteborg

Talk to you soon!