“Appello Loves Open Data – We’re moving to OpenStreetMap!”

This is OpenStreetMap

Appello is proud to announce that we are now leaving the traditional proprietary data behind and switching to OpenStreetMap, joining in on the hype surrounding open data. OSM has been described as a “Wikipedia for maps”, allowing its users to collaborate in correcting and updating the map information. By using OpenStreetMap in our applications we can offer more up-to-date maps to our customers, making sure you will always find the right way to the right place.The high-quality OSM map data is very detailed and rich compared to other map data on the market as it is continuously updated by all its users. All updates and corrections are quickly incorporated into the maps, no more need to wait several months for that new road or restaurant to appear in the application. As the user, you are in control. Incorrect address for a location? Change it! Missing roads? Add them! With the new Wisepilot, you will have the power to change the world wherever you go! Well, at least the map of the world.OpenStreetMap will be Appello’s next big step into the future. We will continue to improve our services and create a great customer experience, just like we have done before, but on a whole new level.

Fun fact about OSM – You are not alone

Since the start in July 2004 the OpenStreetMap network has been steadily growing. In 2012 the number of registered users increased tremendously and has doubled each year since then. Now in 2014 there are more than 1.5 million collaborators working every day on correcting the map data, keeping the OSM content very much up-to-date.

Fun fact about OSM – The choice for the Olympics

OpenStreetMap was chosen as the official web map solution for the Olympics in Sochi 2014, as it was way superior compared to its competitors. Where other maps simply show empty fields OSM is detailed enough to show small paths and even ski lifts. During the Olympics the map data was updated daily thanks to the input received from collaborators.For a comparison between Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, please go here.

How to become an editor

Anyone may become an editor of OpenStreetMap! Simply go to http://www.openstreetmap.org and register to begin contributing to the map data. Basically, if something is missing, just add it! As a new editor you will be guided through a tutorial showing how to add and edit nodes (locations), lines (streets) and areas. There is also a nifty Help menu at the side of the screen if you need to look something up as you are editing.In the future we will add a feature allowing you to edit the map data and send error reports directly from the application, but for now please use the OSM website.


Q: Why are you switching to OSM? A: We want to provide the best solution possible for our customers and we feel that OSM might just be something that will appeal to a lot of people. Its rich content together with the possibility for actual users to edit and update the data in a very simple way will be a great addition to our applications. Q: Will Wisepilot still be the same application after the switch? A: There will be some differences, mainly cosmetic ones, to the application. But yes, you will still be able to navigate using Wisepilot just like you did before. Q: Will there be maps for my country? A: Most likely! There are a whole lot of countries with very extensive coverage and detailed information, and OSM usually covers at least major roads and cities for the rest of them. Furthermore, if you feel like your country is not detailed enough, go register on the OSM website and start adding information about it! Q: Why should I be a collaborator? A: We think it is a great opportunity for our customers to be able to collaborate on the map data! Just imagine, you report an error of some sort, perhaps a closed road or a missing café and in a short time the map is updated. A major advantage compared to maps that are only updated a few times each year, right? If you are uncertain about how to report a particular error, feel free to contact our support staff via http://appello.zendesk.com. Provide as much information as possible and they will do their best to point you in the right direction