Appello Technologies AB Refund Policy

To all first-time users of our software we offer a free trial license including all available services allowing you to evaluate the product for a limited time. Because we offer this trial it is assumed that if you decide to purchase a software license from us you are aware of as well as satisfied with the product’s features and functionality.

All purchased software licenses are fully refundable within 14 days of the purchase date if

  • The license is not yet activated
  • The license has been activated but has not yet been used

To request a refund for
WISEPILOT – please send an e-mail to
WISEPILOT FOR XPERIA – contact Sony’s support here.

The following information is mandatory for the refund request to be processed:

  • User ID or license key
  • Order/transaction number
  • Description of the problem and reason for the refund

Please only send us a request if you are eligible for a refund according to the policy. Refund requests that do not fulfill the policy criteria will not be processed.

All refunds will be done through the mean of payment used at purchase.